Meet a Phikeia

Joe Cassidy

Joe Cassidy

Year: Freshman

Major: Broadcasting

Hometown: Ralston, NE

Why did you join a fraternity? 

I wanted to make friends both in a fraternity and elsewhere on campus and I thought a fraternity was a great way to maximize the connections I was going to make.

What attracted you to Phi Delta Theta?

I rushed a little later than most people and I really liked the guys who had already signed. They’re the ones who convinced me to sign.

What are you involved in?

I am currently involved in broadcasting, intramural sports, and HuskerVision.

Favorite Movie: That’s My Boy, Super Bad, and The Lego Movie are my favorites.

Favorite Sports Team: New York Yankees

It’s a Sunday afternoon and you don’t have any plans, what do you do?

I’ll watch NFL football in the fall, go play basketball, or make plans with friends.

Interesting Fact: I am a cameraman for the Husker Football team, and I have been to over 25 states (US).